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Remote Start Systems

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  Choose How You Start Your Vehicle  

We have options through the factory remote control, your smartphone, 2-way 1-mile remote controls with feedback and the basic 1/4-mile range remote controls




SmartStart Remote Start

Smartphone Control
Virtual Unlimited Range

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remote start 2-way controls

2-Way Systems
1-Mile Range Control

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1-Way Systems
1/4-Mile Range Control

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Exclusively Used At Access 1 Alarm & Audio!



SmartStart Smartphone Interface

remote start phone control



Remote Start
Start your vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world with an easy swipe.



Alarm Notification
Receive text, email and push notifications when your alarm system is triggered.



GPS Tracking
Track your vehicle in real time with your smartphone or with your PC



Smart Schedule
Schedule your vehicle to start throughout your work week through the app.



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Lock & Unlock
Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your vehicle with notifications



Battery Notification
Don't ever be surprised by a low car battery - SmartStart will let you know


1 - Mile Remote Controls

remote start 2 way



Remote Start
Start your vehicle from 1-mile away and receive confirmation on your remote control.



Lock & Unlock
Lock or unlock your vehicle from up to a mile away with notifications on your remote.



Rechargeable Battery
No need to replace the remote control battery anymore with new lithium-ion remotes


1/4-Mile Remote Controls

remote start 1 way



Affordable Quality
One of the best selling basic remote start systems in the world all at an affordable price



Lock & Unlock
Lock or unlock your vehicle from up to a 1/4 - mile away with easy to use remote controls.



Remote Start
Start your vehicle from 1/4-mile away from your user friendly remote controls.



Remote Start Your Car, Truck, or SUV With A Professionally Installed Viper Remote Start


Access 1 Alarm and Audio exclusively uses Viper, Python, Avital and Automate products ensuring that you are only offered the best quality equipment that is available on the market. Combined with a professional installation from our highly skilled and trained technicians, you can feel confident that you received the best by the best! Each of our installed remote start systems are backed by a lifetime warranty* both parts and labor.


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* The lifetime warranty fine print: Access 1 Alarm & Audio will warranty the whole remote start system when purchased and installed by us at no charge to you. The exceptions to the warranty is that we will only warranty the remote controls for 1-year as they are susceptible to accidental damage. Further if technology is no longer supported than we can't help, for instance when 2G cellular is no longer supported.

Professional Remote Start Systems

Here you can find information on remote start systems that we offer with BASIC pricing to fit your needs and budget.

Remember, not every vehicle is the same so most modern vehicles require an additional digital interface to integrate the vehicles, encrypted key or ignition to the remote start. Most are an additional $30-$70 extra.

SmartStart Remote Start

Viper VSS DS4
Smart phone SmartStart System

Starting at $549.99 Installed

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Viper 4706V
2-Way LCD 1-Mile System

Starting at $499.99 Installed

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Viper 4806V
2-Way LED 1-Mile System

Starting at $449.99 Installed

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Viper 4816V
2-Way LED 1-Mile System

Starting at $449.99 Installed

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Viper 4606V
1-Way 1/2-Mile System

Starting at $349.99 Installed

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Viper 4105V
1-Way 1/4-Mile System

Starting at $329.99 Installed

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Viper 4115V
1-Way 1/4-Mile System

Starting at $329.99 Installed

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Avital 4105L
1-Way 1000' System

Starting at $299.99 Installed

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Avital 4115L
1-Way 1000' System

Starting at $299.99 Installed

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Everything was done so professionally by these gentlemen. They also finished the job within a timely manner for a busy Saturday Schedule. I would recommend ANYONE to come to Access for their services. You won't be disappointed by any means!
Remote start was best thing I could get! Goes good with the heated seats and mirrors that came with it! Sounds sound awesome!!!
I was a little skeptical at first because I haven't heard the name of this place often from word of mouth but turned out to be a positive experience. Got the smart start remote start put on the car and was it money well spent. The staff was informative and broke everything down where I could understand it and didn't take as long as other places say they would. Would definitely go back for future services.
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