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Custom Installed Detectors
Custom installed radar detectors offer drivers a high level of integration and performance, seamlessly blending into the vehicle's interior for a polished and discreet appearance. Installed directly into the vehicle's dashboard or console, these detectors become an integral part of the car's electronics, providing a streamlined and cohesive user experience. This integration often includes features such as automatic activation upon vehicle ignition, seamless integration with the vehicle's audio system for clear alerts, and even integration with other safety systems like adaptive cruise control. This level of customization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also ensures that the radar detector becomes an integral and reliable component of the driving experience.

Custom installed radar detectors deliver unparalleled detection range and sensitivity, thanks to their optimized placement and advanced technology. By strategically positioning the radar sensors for optimal coverage, these detectors can detect radar signals from law enforcement's speed detection devices at greater distances, providing drivers with ample time to react and adjust their speed accordingly. Additionally, custom installed radar detectors often come with advanced filtering capabilities to minimize false alerts, ensuring that drivers receive accurate and timely notifications only when necessary. This combination of enhanced performance and precision makes custom installed radar detectors the preferred choice for drivers seeking the utmost in detection capabilities and driving convenience.

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ESCORT MAX Ci 360 Custom Installed Radar Laser Defense System

A GREAT "All-In-One" Custom Installed System! This custom installed radar detector offers front and rear radar detection and front and rear laser jamming. Comes with a 1-year speeding ticket guarantee and a 3-year warranty

Call for Price: (216) 252-3000

ESCORT MAX CI PLATFORM Custom Installed Detector

What radar detector? This custom installed radar detector offers the detection of the MAX360 but without a detector hanging on your window. Comes with a 1-year speeding ticket guarantee and a 3-year warranty?

Call for Price: (216) 252-3000

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