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Tweeter Speakers
Adding an aftermarket tweeter to a vehicle sound system can significantly enhance the audio experience by improving the clarity and detail of high-frequency sounds. Tweeters are designed to reproduce high-frequency audio signals more accurately than standard speakers, resulting in crisper vocals, clearer instrumentals, and a more immersive listening experience overall. This upgrade can bring out nuances in music that may have been previously masked, providing a more dynamic and enjoyable sound quality for both casual commuters and audiophiles alike.

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Alpine S-S10TW 1" Tweeter
The S-S10TW Tweeter’s compact size and wide frequency range is an efficient and affordable upgrade to any factory or aftermarket sound system. Crossover: Passive 12dB/Octave High-Pass Filter


Alpine 30MC 3" Midrange Speaker
The 30MC 3-Inch Midrange Component Speaker can be installed in most 2-way component systems to capture midrange frequencies and elevate the vehicle’s sound system performance.


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