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2011+ Chrysler 200 Upgradeable Premium Security System

Brand: Viper
Product Code: DS4-SEC-200
Availability: In Stock

Price: $299.99

Available Options

Select Antenna Range:
SmartStart (+$199.99)
1-Mile 2-Way LCD (+$169.99)
1-Mile 2-Way LED (+$129.99)
1/2-Mile 5-Button (+$49.99)
1/4-Mile 4-Button
Select Security :
Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor
Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor With Backup Battery Siren (+$149.99)
Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor With Siren (+$79.99)
Starter Kill Relay (+$49.99)

Protect Your Chrysler 200 with the addition of Viper security system. Your vehicle will operate just like factory but with the added feature of range, a shock/impact sensor and a tilt sensor. We have multiple solutions for anyone's needs including 2-way communication with the vehicle, 1-mile range and up to virtually unlimited range with the new redesigned SmartStart Pro smartphone interface. This system comes standard with a pair of 1-way 1/4-mile 4-button remote controls, want a different choice? Just add the remote controls you want. Enjoy the additional range to lock, unlock, arm, disarm and pop your trunk with the new remote controls.


Key Features:
  • Extended Range
  • Shock and Impact Sensor
  • Digital Tilt Sensor
  • Includes Special T-Harness (NO factory wires cut)
  • Smart phone interface capable
  • No factory wires cut ensuring 100% factory warranty
  • Bluetooth Smartphone control


  • All Required Harnesses for Installation
  • Professional Installation
  • Lifetime System Warranty and 1-year remote control warranty


  • Backup Battery Siren
  • Voice/Vocal Siren
  • Additional siren
  • Starter Kill


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Audible & Visual Confirmation
Horn Feedback Optional
Parking Lights Control Yes
OEM Door Lock & Alarm Controls
Arm Factory Security Yes
Disarm Factory Security Yes
Door Lock Control Yes
Door Unlock Yes
Driver Priority Unlock Yes
Trunk / Hatch Release Yes
Factory FOB Control
Control of aftermarket alarm with OEM remote Yes
Integrated Security & Monitoring
Entry Monitoring ALL Door Pins Yes
Entry Monitoring Driver Door Pin Yes
Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin Yes
Function or Feature Status
Brake Status Yes
E-Brake Status Yes
Ignition Status Yes
Remote Start & Engine Controls
OEM Remote Start Activation With RF Kit Optional
SmartStart Capable Yes
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls (Quanity) Yes (2)
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls Range 1/4-Mile
Bluetooth Smartphone Control Yes
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