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Brand: Viper
Product Code: DS4-SEC-200

Chrysler 200 Premium Security System, a real theft deterrent system. Protect your vehicle with a Viper Security System providing a 2-stage shock and impact sensor paired with a tilt sensor. Completely upgradeable.

Price: $349.99

Available Options

Select Antenna Range:

You can choose how far you want to be able to control your security system from the factory fob range to global with the use of the SmartStart smartphone interface.

SmartStart (+$199.99)
1-Mile 2-Way LCD (+$169.99)
1-Mile 2-Way LED (+$129.99)
1/2-Mile 5-Button (+$49.99)
1/4-Mile 4-Button
Select Security :

Add security to your remote start system and get the best in theft protection where the factory left off. Starting with addition of a digital 2-stage shock and impact sensor paired to a digital tilt sensor, upgrading further to the addition of another siren or backup battery siren that can output tones or voice in three languages.

Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor
Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor With Backup Battery Siren (+$149.99)
Shock/Impact and Tilt Sensor With Siren (+$79.99)
Starter Kill Relay (+$49.99)

Protect Your Chrysler 200 with the addition of Viper security system. Your vehicle will operate just like factory but with the added feature of range, a shock/impact sensor and a tilt sensor. We have multiple solutions for anyone's needs including 2-way communication with the vehicle, 1-mile range and up to virtually unlimited range with the new redesigned SmartStart Pro smartphone interface. This system comes standard with a pair of 1-way 1/4-mile 4-button remote controls, want a different choice? Just add the remote controls you want. Enjoy the additional range to lock, unlock, arm, disarm and pop your trunk with the new remote controls.


Key Features:
  • Extended Range
  • Shock and Impact Sensor
  • Digital Tilt Sensor
  • Includes Special T-Harness (NO factory wires cut)
  • Smart phone interface capable
  • No factory wires cut ensuring 100% factory warranty
  • Bluetooth Smartphone control


  • All Required Harnesses for Installation
  • Professional Installation
  • Lifetime System Warranty and 1-year remote control warranty


  • Backup Battery Siren
  • Voice/Vocal Siren
  • Additional siren
  • Starter Kill


Don't see your vehicle? call or email us for a solution and pricing


Audible & Visual Confirmation
Horn Feedback Optional
Parking Lights Control Yes
OEM Door Lock & Alarm Controls
Arm Factory Security Yes
Disarm Factory Security Yes
Door Lock Control Yes
Door Unlock Control Yes
Driver Priority Unlock Yes
Trunk / Hatch Release Yes
Factory FOB Control
Control of aftermarket alarm with OEM remote Yes
Integrated Security & Monitoring
Entry Monitoring ALL Door Pins Yes
Entry Monitoring Hood Pin Yes
Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin Yes
Function or Feature Status
Brake Status Yes
E-Brake Status Yes
Ignition Status Yes
Remote Start & Engine Controls
OEM Remote Start Activation With RF Kit Optional
SmartStart Capable Yes
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls (Quanity) Yes (2)
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls Range 1/4-Mile
Bluetooth Smartphone Control Yes
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