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Professional Car Alarm Systems

Here you can find information on security systems that we offer with basic pricing to fit your needs and budget.
Remember, not every vehicle is the same so some modern vehicles require an additional digital interface to integrate door lock/unlock control or door triggers. Most are an additional $30-$70 extra.

Alarm Products

Clifford 3305X Anti-Carjack LCD Security System

Starting at $379.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Viper 3706V Premium 2-Way LCD Security System

Starting at $449.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Viper 3806V Premium 2-Way LED Security System

Starting at $399.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Viper 3606V Premium 1-Way Security System

Starting at $349.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Viper 3305V Value 2-Way LCD Security System

Starting at $399.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Viper 3105V Value 1-Way Security System

Starting at $269.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Avital 3305L Value 2-Way LCD Security System

Starting at $349.99 Professionally Installed

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Alarm Products

Avital 3100LX 1-Way Security System

Starting at $249.99 Professionally Installed

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Professionally Installed Vehicle Security Systems From Cleveland's Leading Viper Dealer


Access 1 Alarm and Audio exclusively uses Viper, Python, Avital, and Automate products ensuring that you are only offered the best quality equipment that is available on the market. Combined with professional installation from our highly skilled and trained technicians, you can feel confident that you received the best by the best! Each of our installed security systems are backed by a lifetime warranty* both parts and labor.


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Deciding Which System You Want

We offer multiple security solutions to add to your vehicle. Beginning with the latest technology of utilizing a smartphone with unlimited range, or the 2-way remote controls offering 1-mile range with confirmation and then there is the standard 1-way communication remote controls offering 2000 ft. range.


SmartStartvss 4x10


Smartphone integration of your security system virtually allows you unlimited range with confirmation from the vehicle that it has received the command to lock, unlock or trunk release, all from your smartphone including locating the vehicle with the GPS option. Utilize your iPhone, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry smartphone to control your vehicle. There is no more need for anything else on your key ring.

Please see our SmartStart web page for more information.

SmartStart Info



2-Way Security Systems


2wayThe 2-way security systems will give you communication between the vehicle and the remote control, letting you know the status of your vehicles security system. Offering 1 mile range at a push of a button, the remote control will inform you that your vehicle received the command and has been armed, disarmed, or the release of the trunk/hatch has been activated. Further the system will notify you if your security system is going off, such as an open door, ignition system turned on, or the shock and impact sensor has been activated.

We offer multiple styles of 2-way remote controls with each system paired with a companion 1-way remote control. The choices range from the premium LCD screen remote control to the LED style remote control.



1-Way Security Systems


1way remote control1-Way security systems are the simplest in operation, pressing the button within 2000 ft. of the vehicle will arm, disarm, or release the trunk/hatch. The vehicle, if in view, will flash its parking lights informing you the vehicle has received the command.

As with the 2-way remote controls, there are multiple style 1-way remote controls to fit your needs and budget. From the 5-button slim line remote control to the basic 4-button remote control we have a system that fits your needs and budget.



All security systems can be combined with a remote start system for the ultimate in convenience.


Turn Your Alarm System Into A Security System!


Well what does that mean? You just spent a few hundred dollars on an alarm system to protect your vehicle and you go to bed at night feeling easy knowing that your vehicle has an alarm system, but is your vehicle really protected? Time and time again we hear from many people across the nation or read the stories online in forums that the vehicle was broken into or worse, stolen and had an aftermarket security system installed on it. So what to do?

First by definition an alarm is a signal that warns or alerts while security is the state of being protected or safe from harm. Two different terms each describing an aftermarket or factory system, but which one would you prefer for your vehicle?

Now we do write alarm system throughout our website but that is because the term is loosely used in the world and makes it easier for Google to search the term when people do not distinguish between the two. However, we hope that more people read this and armed with this knowledge understand the difference.

Access 1 Alarm & Audio's basic alarm systems come with door trigger monitoring, siren, shock sensor, flashing parking lights, keyless entry, starter interrupt/kill and a flashing light indicating the status of the alarm system in which all are professionally installed by one of our highly skilled and trained technicians. Currently this is an alarm system as it will warn or alert anyone within ear shot of the vehicle. Now there is some limitations to the basic system as it does not monitor the trunk or hatch depending on the vehicle and the hood leaving them vulnerable to thieves. A pin switch at a minimal reasonable price can be added to ensure that they are integrated into the alarm system. 



Layers is what turns an alarm system into a security system and the more layers the better protected the vehicle is. For instance there are several add on sensors that will activate the alarm like a proximity sensor, tilt sensor or glass break sensor and will be discussed further in this article.

2-way security systems are the first reasonable route to go with. They are like the basic alarm systems listed above but have the capability to page your remote control from 1000 ft to a mile away depending on the system which will inform you that the alarm system is going off. The draw back to the 2-way systems is that the max range is limited to a mile maximum on the premium 2-way systems and you have to be carrying the 2-way remote control fob with you. Now you can add SmartStart which will increase the range globally if you are within cell/Wi-Fi service and will provide you with text, push notifications and email to your smartphone.


Turning the alarm into a security system

viper 506TThe first step is to add the hood and trunk/hatch pin triggers, this allows the alarm system to monitor those areas and inform you if they are opened while the alarm system is active. The trunk is where we store valuables or is an entry point into the vehicle. The hood trigger monitors the hood area as it states and is an excellent option to add as this is where your battery, horn, and siren are located. With the battery disconnected your alarm system will not sound, and if your siren and horn wires are cut nothing will be heard.

Next would be to hook up the horn to the security system, this provides an audible warning that when combined with the siren is louder and draws more attention to the vehicle when the system is triggered.

Now it's time to add the layers of protection with additional sensors. A field disturbance sensor or perimeter sensor is an accessory that will monitor the perimeter of the vehicle and chirp if someone was to be within approximately 2' of the vehicle informing them that you have a security system. This sensor has a dual zone capability and if someone was to reach into your vehicle with the convertible top or the windows down it will set the security system off. If you have a 2-way system or SmartStart you will be notified.

Another sensor is the glass break sensor. The glass break sensor sets the security system off when it detects the frequency of broken glass. Yes you will have a broken window, but your vehicle and most likely the contents will still be there.

What about your rims or towing? The digital tilt sensor is a great addition to the security system and will monitor the vehicles angle regardless if you parked on a hill or a level surface. This sensor will trigger your security system if the vehicles angle has been tilted 1 or 3 degrees.

The shock and impact sensor, this sensor is included in all of our basic alarm packages but it deserves some explanation on what it does and does not do. The shock sensor will generate a warn away signal for minor impact or vibrations picked up on the vehicle and will set the security/alarm system off when it detects a heavy blow to the vehicle such as someone hitting it. This sensor is completely adjustable however it will not set the alarm off or trigger a warn away when the vehicle is simply touched.


SURPRISE the thief!

viper 515RHere is a few additional items to turn your alarm system into a security system and will make the thief's attempt to drive away with your vehicle much harder.

Our favorite is the backup battery siren. This siren will sound if the thief cuts the wires to the siren or removes power to the battery and will continue to sound until turned off with a security key or power is restored to the vehicle.

How about a backup battery for the alarm system? This accessory powers the alarm and triggers the security system when power is removed. Surprise! The system still works.

The interior pain generator mini piezo sirens are great for placing in the interior of the vehicle and activate when the security system is triggered causing the thief to not want to be inside the vehicle.



viper smartstartAfter all you go through great lengths and a financial burden to keep your vehicle and its contents protected, what can it do for you? How about adding remote start, power trunk actuator, window automaton, power door locks or power windows if not equipped or even headlight automation that will light the way to your vehicle at night upon disarming the security system.



Cool features

viper lightHow about a security system with the talking voice module? "Protected by Viper stand back" yes, the voice module can interface with your security system and besides Viper specific messages, it can do it in Spanish or English. The addition of extra LED flashing security lights or the blue high visibility electro-luminescent "Protected by Viper" flashing warning panel lets the thief know you are serious about the security of your vehicle. 




viper mini logoWhat is the guarantee after you do all this or add additional sensors that your vehicle will still be there when you get back to it? Well besides our lifetime warranty* on all alarm systems parts and labor, Viper backs it up with Viper's 1-year Guaranteed Protection Plan which is the most generous in the industry. GPP refunds your comprehensive insurance deductible up to $2,500 if your car is stolen with a Viper security system installed and armed – whether your vehicle is recovered or not! Click HERE for more details.



* The lifetime warranty fine print: Access 1 Alarm & Audio will warranty the whole remote start system when purchased and installed by us at no charge to you. The exception to the warranty is that we will only warranty the remote controls for 1-year as they are susceptible to accidental damage. We do sell protective leather cases for most of the various Viper remote controls.

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