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Brand: Viper
Product Code: Viper 4105V
Availability: In Stock
- 4105V Owners Manual.pdf
UPC: 93207094934
MPN: 4105V
Location: Cleveland

Start your engine from up to a 1/4-mile away with this Viper remote start system. This system comes with a pair of 4-button remote controls and keyless entry.

Price: $349.99

Remote start your vehicle from 1/4-mile away with the addition of this 4-button Viper remote start system. Your vehicle will operate just like factory but with the added feature of remote start! This system comes standard with a pair of 1-way 1/4-mile range 4-button remote controls.


Key Features:
  • 1/4-mile range
  • Bright blue status LED
  • Dome Light Supervision - On-Board Relay
  • 1 Auxiliary Outputs
  • 2 1-Way 1/4 mile remote controls
  • Includes basic bypass module
  • Viper SmartStart Compatible

  • All Required Harnesses for Installation
  • Professional Installation*
  • Lifetime warranty; 1-year remote control warranty



*The fine print: Not all vehicles are build the same and in some instances extra parts or labor might be required to install this system, such as; hood pins, data interfaces, relays, etc... Some vehicles might even require a completely different system or aren't supported.



Remote Start System
Brand Viper
1-Way or 2-Way 1-Way
Audible & Visual Confirmation
Horn Feedback Optional
Parking Lights Control Yes
Comfort & Convenience Controls
Heated Seats Activation Optional
Rear Window Defogger Activation Optional
OEM Door Lock & Alarm Controls
Arm Factory Security Yes
Disarm Factory Security Yes
Door Lock Control Yes
Door Unlock Control Yes
Driver Priority Unlock Optional
Trunk / Hatch Release Optional
Transponder & Immobilizer Override
Immobilizer Bypass-Data No Key Required Most Vehicles
Integrated Security & Monitoring
Entry Monitoring ALL Door Pins Yes
Entry Monitoring Hood Pin Yes
Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin Yes
Function or Feature Status
Brake Status Yes
E-Brake Status Yes
Ignition Status Yes
Remote Start & Engine Controls
3x Lock Start Using OEM FOB No
3x Lock Stop Using OEM FOB No
OEM Remote Start Activation With RF Kit No
Remote Start Takeover Most Vehicles
SmartStart Capable Yes
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls (Quanity) 2
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls Range 1/4-MILE
Bluetooth Smartphone Control No
Security Alarm Add-On Availabilty
Add-On Security Available No
Tilt and shock senors with security add-on No
Siren with security add-on No
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