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ESCORT MAX CI PLATFORM Custom Installed Detector

Brand: Escort Radar
Availability: 5
Weight: 1.00lb
Dimensions: 5.15in x 3.25in x 1.38in
UPC: 737795002741
MPN: 0100027-4

Price: $1,999.99

Available Options

Rear Radar Receiver:

Add the rear radar receiver for complete 360 degree radar coverage. When added the, the display will show an arrow from front or rear threats.

The new ESCORT MAX Ci Platform is the long awaited custom installed replacement of the Beltronics STiR+ and is completely redesigned with the input from both customers and installation technicians to not only refine the features and installation, but to surpass all previous custom installed units from Escort and other manufacturers. The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform is now modular in design and allows the our technicians and you to custom tailor a unit to meet their specific needs such as adding rear radar detection with the addition of the separate rear receiver for complete 360 degree radar coverage.

Some of the highlights of the ESCORT MAX Ci Platform is the use of a GPS receiver that accesses the internal database to warn the driver of approaching red light cameras, speed traps and speed cameras. The front radar receiver has been redesigned for a better long range radar detection of all the police radar bands. The system includes an OLED display to inform you of the threat along with the direction if the rear radar receiver is added - purchased separately. Further, the screen color can be changed to red, amber or green from the default blue setting for a more integrated factory appearance. The new control panel has been redesigned to offer a better integration and allows for easy access to the many features of the system.

The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform also comes with the ESCORT connected experience which offers real-time intelligence and alerts via the crowdsourced ESCORT Live™ a community filled with millions of users.


Pricing starts at $1999.99
This system requires professional installation

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