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Brand: Viper
Product Code: 7756V
Availability: Out Of Stock
UPC: 093207096778

Price: $109.99

Available Options

Add Leather Protective Case:

Protect your remote control with a leather case from Access 1 Alarm and Audio. Our leather remote control cases are proudly made in the USA out of genuine cow hide and are specifically made for an exact fit of your remote.

Add (+$15.00)
USB Micro Cable:

Add a high quality USB charging cable for your remote control.

Add (+$9.95)

Brand NEW Viper 7756V Responder LC3 SST Supercode 2-way One Mile Range Remote Control Transmitter

Looking for a replacement Viper remote control for your system or just need an additional remote control? Buy brand new from Access 1 Alarm and Audio!

This remote control is from the original manufacturer ensuring that you are receiving a genuine NEW product made for your Viper system. This is Viper's newest generation of Responder remote controls with the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger LCD screen. The 7756V remote control has a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging - all in the slimmest display remote on the market. This remote works with many Viper, Python and Clifford systems

Works with the following Viper systems:

  • 3203V**
  • 3303V**
  • 3606V
  • 3706V
  • 3806V
  • 4104V**
  • 4204V**
  • 4606V
  • 4704V**
  • 4706V
  • 4806V
  • 5102V**
  • 5104V**
  • 5204V**
  • 5606V
  • 5704V**
  • 5706V
  • 5806V
  • 5902V
  • 5904V**
  • 5906V**

Will work with Viper RF kits:

  • 9656V
  • 9756V
  • 9856V

Will also work with the following Clifford Matrix and Python systems

  • 320.3X**
  • 330.3X**
  • 3606X
  • 3706X
  • 3806X
  • 4104X**
  • 4204X**
  • 4606X
  • 4704X**
  • 4706X
  • 4806X
  • 5104X**
  • 5204X**
  • 5606X
  • 5704X**
  • 5706X
  • 5806X
  • 5902X**
  • 5904X**
  • 5906X**

  • 4706P
  • 5706P

Will work with Clifford and Python RF kits:

  • 9656X
  • 9756X
  • 9856X
  • 9756PX

*Requires new antenna
**Requires new antenna and cable

The antenna and cable is available for the older legacy systems listed under Available Options. This antenna is not needed for current models.

This remote control does not include the micro USB charger cable which are readily available with most smartphones or can be purchased in our store separately or added to the remote control listed in the above ordering options.

NOTE: Consider purchasing with a leather case to help protect your remote control from accidental drops. View our Leather Cases in the store or add the leather case to your order in the above ordering options.

Please make sure you have a working control unit installed in the vehicle prior to ordering this remote control. Programming instructions are included in the package and will require accessing your valet/programming switch. Video instructions will be available on our YouTube page under remote controls or the VIDEOS tab above.


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Please contact us if you have any questions.


How To Pair Your Remote Controls Video



jbx on 09-11-2019 05:36 PM
Outstanding, after ordering 2X on eBay you guys were the ones that delivered a new working remote control! Thank you
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