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Brand: Alpine
Product Code: R2-A150M
Availability: 1
UPC: 793276084965
MPN: R2-A150M
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Experience the impressive power and exceptional performance of the Next-Gen R-Series R2-A150M 1500W Mono Amplifier.

Price: $599.95

Experience the impressive power and exceptional performance of the Next-Gen R-Series R2-A150M 1500W Mono Amplifier.


  • 1500W Mono Amplifier
  • Alpine’s Class D Amplifier Circuit
  • One-Sided Terminal Layout
  • Top Panel Sound Controls
  • Optional Remote Bass Knob Compatible (required RUX-KNOB.2 or RUX-H01, sold separately)
  • Power Output: 700W RMS x 1 @ 4Ω, 1200W RMS x 1 @ 2Ω, 1500W RMS x 1 @ 1Ω
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 400Hz


Elevate Your Audio

Elevate your audio with the Alpine R2-A150M Mono Amplifier - delivering powerful 1500W performance in a sleek, compact design. Built with Alpine's cutting-edge Class D Amplifier Circuit, this next-generation R-Series amp offers exceptional sound quality and efficiency, making it the perfect addition to any car audio system.

Alpine R2-A150M
Power & Precision

With a power output of 1200W RMS x 1 @ 2Ω, and an impressive 1500W RMS x 1 @ 1Ω, this amplifier possesses the power to effortlessly drive multiple subwoofers with astonishing precision. Whether you're a bass enthusiast or simply crave that immersive low-end bass experience, the R2-A150M is the perfect companion, delivering raw power and impact that will make your music come alive.

Convenience & Simplicity

The R2-A150M features intentional design choices that prioritize convenience and simplicity. All speaker connections are consolidated on one side of the device for easy access, while the amplifier controls have been relocated to the top under a removable plate, allowing for quick adjustments to gain and crossover controls. The amplifier's chassis also includes integrated mounting "feet" to streamline the installation process.

Amplifier Brand Alpine
Channels 1, Mono
RMS/MAX Power Per Channel 1500 Watts
Max Amplifier Power 1500 Watts
Minimum Impedance Per Channel 1 Ohm
Speaker Level Inputs Yes
Built in Crossover Subsonic, Low Pass
Preamp Outputs Yes
Bass Knob Control Yes, Optional
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