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Brand: Avital
Product Code: Avital 4105L
Availability: In Stock
- 4105L Owners Manual.pdf
UPC: 93207101045
MPN: 4105L
Location: Cleveland

Avital's 4-button basic remote start with keyless entry that gets the job done. This Avital system competes with the higher end remote starts without breaking the bank.

Price: $299.99

Remote start your vehicle from 1000' away with the addition of this 4-button Avital remote start system. Your vehicle will operate just like factory but with the added feature of remote start! This system comes standard with a pair of 1-way 1000' range 4-button remote controls.


Key Features:
  • 1000' range
  • Pair of 1-Way 4-button remote controls
  • Keyless entry control
  • Includes basic bypass module
  • Viper SmartStart compatible

  • All Required Harnesses for Installation
  • Professional Installation*
  • Lifetime warranty; 1-year remote control warranty



*The fine print: Not all vehicles are build the same and in some instances extra parts or labor might be required to install this system, such as; hood pins, data interfaces, relays, etc... Some vehicles might even require a completely different system or aren't supported.



Remote Start System
Brand Avital
1-Way or 2-Way 1-Way
Audible & Visual Confirmation
Horn Feedback Optional
Parking Lights Control Yes
Comfort & Convenience Controls
Heated Seats Activation No
Rear Window Defogger Activation Optional
OEM Door Lock & Alarm Controls
Arm Factory Security Yes
Disarm Factory Security Yes
Door Lock Control Yes
Door Unlock Control Yes
Driver Priority Unlock Optional
Trunk / Hatch Release Optional
Factory FOB Control
Control of aftermarket alarm with OEM remote No
Transponder & Immobilizer Override
Immobilizer Bypass-Data No Key Required Most Vehicles
Integrated Security & Monitoring
Entry Monitoring ALL Door Pins No
Entry Monitoring Hood Pin No
Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin No
Function or Feature Status
Brake Status Yes
E-Brake Status No
Ignition Status Yes
Remote Start & Engine Controls
3x Lock Start Using OEM FOB No
OEM Remote Start Activation With RF Kit No
Remote Start Takeover Most Vehicles
SmartStart Capable Yes
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls (Quanity) 2
Included Aftermarket Remote Controls Range 1000 FT
Bluetooth Smartphone Control No
Security Alarm Add-On Availabilty
Add-On Security Available No
Tilt and shock senors with security add-on No
Siren with security add-on No
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