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Brand: Viper
Product Code: 7652V
Availability: In Stock
UPC: 093207095320
Viper 1-Way Remote

Price: $59.99

Available Options

Add Leather Protective Case:

Protect your remote control with a leather case from Access 1 Alarm and Audio. Our leather remote control cases are proudly made in the USA out of genuine cow hide and are specifically made for an exact fit of your remote.

Add Replacement Batteries:

Order with replacement batteries so in the future you are not looking for replacements when your remote control stops working.

Programming Switch:

Not sure if you have a programming and valet switch installed on your system? Add one to your order so you can program your new remote control.

Brand NEW Viper 7654V 1-way SST LE 5-Button Remote Control Replacement Transmitter For The Discontinued 7652V Remote

The Viper 7654V is the current replacement for the discontinued 7652V Viper remote control that comes standard with the Viper 5902V, 5904V, 5702V, 5704V, 4702V and the 4704V. Buy brand new from Access 1 Alarm and Audio, the Viper product authority.!

***** The 7652V is discontinued and you will get the NEW 7654V transmitter instead. *****

Viper's second generation LE 5-button SST remote control transmitter with rubberized black buttons. This slender & sophisticated 1-Way remote control features a clean sleek ergonomic design, made to fit the user's hand comfortably, enabling effortless and intuitive single-handed operation.

This remote control is from the original manufacturer ensuring that you are receiving a genuine NEW product made for your Viper system. This remote works with many Viper, Python and Clifford systems and can be used in place of the 7652V, 7652P, 7652X, 7654P or 7654X

Works with the following Viper systems:
  • 4104V*
  • 4202V Date Code up to 9J*
  • 4202V Date Code 9L and up*
  • 4204V*
  • 4702V
  • 4704V
  • 4708V
  • 5102V Date Code up to 9K*
  • 5102V Date Code 9L and up*
  • 5104V*
  • 5202V Date Code up to 9J*
  • 5202V Date Code 9K and up*
  • 5204V*
  • 5501V*
  • 5702V
  • 5704V
  • 5904V

Will work with Viper RF kits:
  • 9752VL

Will also work with the following Clifford Matrix and Python systems
  • 4102X Date Code up to 9L*
  • 4102X Date Code 12J and up*
  • 4104X*
  • 4202X Date Code up to 9H*
  • 4202x Date Code 9L and up*
  • 4204X*
  • 4704X
  • 4708X
  • 5102X Date Code up to 9L*
  • 5102X Date Code 9J and up*
  • 5104X
  • 5202X Date Code up to 9L*
  • 5202X Date Code 9J and up*
  • 5204X Date Code up to 9L*
  • 5204X Date Code 12J and up*
  • 5704X
  • 5902X
  • 5904X
  • 5906X
  • 4102P Date Code up to 9K*
  • 4102P Date Code 9J and up*
  • 4104P*
  • 4106P*
  • 4202P Date Code up to 9K*
  • 4202P Date Code 9J*
  • 4204P*
  • 4206P*
  • 4706P
  • 4708P
  • 5102P Date Code 9J and up*
  • 5106P*
  • 5202P Date Code up to 9K*
  • 5204P*
  • 5206P*
  • 5702P
  • 5704P
  • 5706P
  • 5902P
  • 5904P
  • 5906P

Date codes can be found on the main control unit which is usually located under your dash on a small circular sticker that has "OK" on it

*Requires new antenna
**Requires new antenna and cable
Contact us for purchasing these parts (6711T)
Utilizes CR2016 Battery (x2)

Need the valet and programming switch?Be sure to add it to your order to facilitate programming

NOTE: Consider purchasing with a leather case to help protect your remote control from accidental drops.

Please make sure you have a working control unit installed in the vehicle prior to ordering this remote control. Programming instructions are included in the package and will require accessing your valet/programming switch. Video instructions will be available on our YouTube page under remote controls.

YouTube Channel Link

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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