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Safely recover your vehicle a few blocks away from a carjacking. Simply just give them your vehicle without a fight and flee the area to a safe location and contact the police. Your vehicle most likely will be abandoned a few blocks away


Blackjax is Back!

Yes history keeps repeating itself, so lets go back in time to the 90's where carjackings crimes were on a rise and compare it to what is going on today. The carjacking crimes subsided by prosecuting the criminals harshly for their crimes and vehicle security companies like Viper and Clifford designing products to stop these criminal acts. With criminals knowing they can get away with the soft on crime prosecutors, the end of these crimes is no where in sight, it is up to you.

Why Carjacking and Your False Sense of Security

You have the fancy key system for your vehicle, the factory alarm, the GPS tracking system from the car manufacturer and every other accessory that the manufacturers tells you that will protect your vehicle. However, sitting in your vehicle, at a light or in a parking lot, with the vehicle running and someone comes up to you and points a gun and tells you to get out, not one of those factory systems are going to help you as the vehicle can't distinguish between the crime being committed to you or if you're just dropping a letter in the mailbox. Now you are out of your vehicle, no phone, no keys, no wallet or purse, and the criminal(s) just rode off with your livelihood. If they are smarter than the average dumb criminal, than they know how to disable the factory installed OnStar, factory GPS tracking system or even LoJack!

What is even worse is that we all see in the news that some of these carjackings happen with a child left in the vehicle. We also have seen or heard that the victims are putting up a fight and struggling with the criminals resulting in death or injury. Carjackings are the easiest type of vehicle theft because the vehicle is already disarmed, running, has your wallet/purse and valuables that normally aren't left in an unoccupied vehicle. Criminal basically don't have to work for it.

We understand that you will be so traumatized and stressed out from being victimized and that you will not know what to do or how to respond. With Access 1 Alarm's installed Anti-jacking system in your vehicle, you can have the peace of mind that you will get your vehicle back a few blocks away, so just comply, get out and distance yourself from the criminal(s).

Show Cars, Hot Rods, Hoopty's or Daily Drivers

You work hard, you want to enjoy your vehicle and keep it yours. Sometimes it's just traveling through a high crime area to or from work, Sometimes it is someone that wants what you have, or even as the saying goes of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time". We know crime has no zip code or area code but we do offer you solutions! We can help! Our expert staff can help you choose which system is the best for you. From a professionally installed stand alone anti-carjacking system to an aftermarket vehicle security systems with anti-carjacking ability, we have a system for you.

How it Works

Without going into too much detail, while being carjacked the door is open triggering the system to start a countdown allowing you enough time to distance yourself from the vehicle and situation. Depending on which system you selected, the siren starts going off and disables the starter while the other system actually pulses the ignition and kills the vehicle when at a stop. When you retrieve your vehicle, just enter the code to enable the vehicle again.


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