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dodge backup camera


Backup Camera Solutions for your Dodge Challenger 2008+

Outfit your Dodge Challenger with a backup camera while maintaining the factory look! Access 1 Alarm & Audio specializes in quality aftermarket backup camera integration's and offers multiple solutions to fit within your budget or requirements.

From utilizing a separate screen mounted in the rear view mirror to displaying on your navigation screen, the options for interfacing a rear backup camera is numerous.

This Dodge Challenger received a video integration kit that allows for any rear camera or the combination of a front and rear camera to be integrated into your UConnect system. Further, it allows for DVD playback while in motion, selecting the camera while not in reverse, and inputting navigation  commands while the vehicle is in gear. 


$599.99 professionally integrated

includes cameras

Want A Front Camera?

Want a front camera system also? Access 1 Alarm and Audio understands that some people have concerns regarding small children safety or that they might have a tight garage parking space that require a front camera solution to ensure that no damage to the vehicle or garage is sustained while maneuvering.

We utilize a small angled mount front camera system similar to those used by other vehicle manufacturers offering a superior picture image day or night.


$899.99 Professionally Installed

includes cameras

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