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Cleveland Ohio’s Rear Seat Entertainment VIDEO Specialists

There are multiple decisions when deciding on your rear seat entertainment system for your vehicle, or as a gift for someone else with children. Believe it or not, appearance is the biggest concern over cost with most people. Sure we seen the person that bragged that they have rear headrest DVD’s for $200, but when looking at it is 10 shades of color different than the factory headrest, or a black flip down monitor from the gray roof headliner. It baffles us too as professionals, there is nothing like taking a new vehicle and adding something that is poorly integrated or thought out. Other factors in addition to appearance and cost, is the units features followed by the warranty.

With today’s technology there are several options for rear seat entertainment to keep the kids occupied. Depending on the child’s age and abilities, Access 1 Alarm and Audio has solutions ranging from the simple flip down monitor, headrest DVD players, headrest iPad brackets, and the new removable Android based tablets in the headrest coupled with a DVD player.


alpine flip downHeadliner Mounted Flip Down Systems

With vehicles equipped with multiple rows of seating, the least expensive way to entertain the kids is to use a flip down monitor from the headliner. Sizes range from 10-17”. Flip down monitors are manufactured with many features, the most common is the integrated DVD player. An internal DVD player simplifies the installation with having an “all-in-one” concept where you don’t have to find a location in the vehicle for the separate DVD player. Screen resolution is a factor also, the higher end systems come equipped with 1.3 million pixel resolution that is comparable to high definition TV which is easier on the eyes when viewing for long periods of time.



Headrest Replacement Monitors

Headrest replacement is the best looking solution offered for vehicles. It incorporates the DVD player and screen together and allows the user to be facing forward in case of an accident. Our quality headrest systems meet government crash testing standards that will not injure the occupant in the set or the person viewing it while in an accident.

tablet dvdFor those with older kids that are in school, we have a DVD system that incorporates a removable Android based tablet allowing them to use it for school. These systems can be outfitted with a DVD player so you have multiple sources to view your entertainment.

Have iPads? How about a headrest bracket that attaches to your vehicles headrest and allows the iPad to be docked providing charging and the ability to use headphones? We have that also! When it comes to rear seat entertainment we cover all bases, if it has been thought of, we most likely have already did it. (If it is rigged or encroaches on safety, we have not!)

For the clients with tablets, do not forget about the Wi-Fi hotspots. If your do not have a compatible smartphone that can share data or large amounts over a long period of time, these are a must and can be purchased from your cellular provider. With Netflix, YouTube, AT&T Uverse you are no longer limited to what is on your tablet or in your DVD stash.

Some vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti have a DVD player on the factory radio and can be wired to display video on the rear screens. This allows the driver to start, stop, or change DVD’s effortlessly from the front of the vehicle or use the factory steering wheel controls to make selections while staying focused on the road ahead.



Optional Accessories

Be sure to inquire about our optional accessories to complete the system such as iPod connectors, Auxiliary A/V inputs, video games, BluRay players, and extra headphones.


View some of our integrations in the Photo Gallery

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Everything was done so professionally by these gentlemen. They also finished the job within a timely manner for a busy Saturday Schedule. I would recommend ANYONE to come to Access for their services. You won't be disappointed by any means!
Remote start was best thing I could get! Goes good with the heated seats and mirrors that came with it! Sounds sound awesome!!!
I was a little skeptical at first because I haven't heard the name of this place often from word of mouth but turned out to be a positive experience. Got the smart start remote start put on the car and was it money well spent. The staff was informative and broke everything down where I could understand it and didn't take as long as other places say they would. Would definitely go back for future services.
Tiffany G.
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