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Well you want a remote start for your vehicle and you see a Groupon add which looks too good to be true... Well it is! We are forced to write this article because we are tired of seeing people taken advantage of when it comes to the Groupon ads and hope that Google and Bing can get this message out on the internet before you fall victim to this scam. This year our technicians have fixed more Groupon installs from local shops than ever before and while discussing with our new clients their Groupon remote start stories, it is unbelievable what these people had/have/are going through. We were told of the outlandish prices, high pressure sales tactics and the bait-n-switch scam to sell a remote start to them through Groupon.

What amazes us is the fact that 9 out of 10 times we sell and install the higher-end premium Viper brand at equal or less than the Groupon deal that offers a lower quality product. Further, we back every alarm and remote start installation with a lifetime warranty both parts and labor! We do feel some responsibility for this scam happening in our city due to our failure of marketing our products and services better, and we do apologize and hope this article reaches you in time.


So what are some of the horror stories we heard and seen?
  • "Come on in yes that is the price" then when you get there you need adapters, relays and other parts. Doubling the price!
  • Charged you for a part they didn't need.
  • Charged you for a part they didn't use.
  • Used the wrong part for the job.
  • Used the right interface for the wrong remote start.
  • Used an interface but did not hook up the door locks or trunk.
  • Used a 1-button remote start on a unit where the 4 -button would allow you not to carry 2 remote controls.
  • Cut the factory harness up when a T-harness could be used.
  • Using an analog remote start when a digital solution is the best.
  • Quoting a 1.5 hour job as 5 hours

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg! We know your time is valuable and we are not going to waste it with any of the above scenarios. We offer a fair price for a high-end system installed by a highly qualified career technician with over 10,000 remote start installs under his belt. Contact us with any questions or explore our website for more information. We are a Viper Diamond Dealer (the best!!) and we didn't get that way by providing less than stellar installations!

We are not saying that all of the Groupon offerings are a scam or bad. However, we will say that the companies that are using them as a bait-n-switch advertising are not reputable!

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