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Remote Start you Car, truck, or SUV! Access 1 Alarm and Audio exclusively uses Viper, Python, Avital, and Automate products ensuring that you are only offered the best quality equipment that is available on the market. Combined with a professional installation from our highly skilled and trained technicians, you can feel confident that you received the best by the best!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

We offer multiple solutions to start your vehicle. Beginning with the latest technology of utilizing a smartphone with unlimited range, or the 2-way remote controls offering 1 mile range with confirmation, and then there is the standard 1-way communication remote controls offering 2000 Ft. range.





Smartphone integrations virtually allows you unlimited range with confirmation from the vehicle that it has received the command to start, lock, unlock, or trunk release, all from your phone. Utilize your iPhone, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry smartphone to control your vehicle. No more need for anything else on your key ring.


Please see our SmartStart web page for more information.

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2-Way Remote Start



2way2-Way remote control systems give you  2-way communication between the vehicle and the remote control, letting you know the status of your vehicle. Offering 1 mile range at a push of a button, the remote control will inform you that your vehicle received the command and has started, locked, unlocked, or opened the trunk/hatch.

We offer multiple styles of 2-way remote controls with each system coming with a companion 1-way remote control. The choices range from a LCD screen remote control, a LED style remote control, or the value minded 1 button remote control with 2000 Ft. range.




1way remote control1-Way Remote Start

1-Way remote start systems are the simplest in operation, pressing the button within 2000 ft. of the vehicle will start, lock, unlock, or release the trunk/hatch. The vehicle, if in view, will flash its parking lights informing you the vehicle has received the command.

As with the 2-way remote controls, there are multiple style 1-way remote controls to fit your needs and budget. From the 5 button slim line remote control to the value minded 1 button remote control we have a system that fits your needs and budget.



All remote start systems can be combined with a security system for the ultimate in convenience.


New remote control cases for your Viper system $24.99!



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