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Radios, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and installation accessories for you car, truck or SUV.
Access 1 Alarm & Audio is your Cleveland, Ohio car audio connection.

There are multiple types of vehicles with an equally amount of different listener taste in music. From the basic needs of a CD player to the full blown multimedia entertainment systems with USB, SiriusXM, Bluetooth, Pandora and a backup camera, Access 1 Alarm and Audio has you covered. We have many years of professional experience and expertise that covers the simple audio systems previously mentioned to full blown show vehicles. We offer a selection of quality gear from Alpine, Focal, Kenwood, Kicker and Powerbass to fit within your budget and backed not only by the factory warranty, but most important of all, our reputation. When we install our equipment in your vehicle, we give you a lifetime warranty on our labor for the time you own the vehicle which allows you to have a worry free experience.


noun    |    mu·sic    |    \ˈmyü-zik\
Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.


Does your audio system reproduce music that can be related to beauty, harmony, or emotion? Doubtful, even though most vehicle manufacturers do try to offer an audio system that is pleasant enough to deal with for some short trips, they do however fall short in overall performance. We can fix the short comings of the factory system and have you listening to your music as if you were there center stage or at the recording studio when it was recorded.

As with all products on the market, there is good, better and best, based on performance and price. However, it should be known that the greatest products on the market that are poorly integrated will not compare to a good product professionally installed by one of our audio specialists. As all of our products are of the utmost highest quality, we offer the three classes to fit within your budget.



Factory Radios

Some factory radios such as the SYNC, UConnect, iDrive, COMAND, My Link and others offer many features however, the sound quality is sub-par. At Access 1 Alarm and Audio we can retain the factory radio and build a premium quality sound system utilizing speakers, amplifiers or processors to achieve this while maintaining the factory look. Sometimes it is just not feasible or cost effective to retain the factory radio in which we will offer the option of a replacement radio from Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer or Sony.

What if the audio system sounds great but the radio is lacking features? Access 1 Alarm and Audio has the ability to integrate to most factory systems the addition of USB, DVD, Bluetooth, backup camera or SiriusXM while maintaining the integrity of the factory audio system. Sometimes this is not cost effective and the replacement of the radio should be considered with an aftermarket unit.


Aftermarket Radios

Technology has advanced over the past few years thanks to the smartphone market in-which many vehicles, including current models, do not offer the conveniences that a smartphone offers. Such new features are the AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay applications giving you voice control over basic features such as navigation, text messaging and emails. There are even new vehicles being released today without Bluetooth and backup cameras which should be a standard. Access 1 alarm has a wide selection of aftermarket systems from the basic AM/FM/CD/USB radios to full featured navigation systems with CarPlay or Android Auto. Thanks to Alpine and their ReStyle systems you have options to add 8", 9" and 10" multimedia units for select Jeep, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Toyota and Ram vehicles. Visit Alpine for more information on ReStyle: Alpine ReStyle Info



The voice of the system! We offer a wide range of speakers from high-end component speakers to the basic coaxial style speaker and every size in-between to fit your budget. Access 1 Alarm & Audio utilizes Alpine, Focal, Kicker, Kenwood and PowerBass speakers for the best in sound reproduction. Obviously the speakers reproduce the signal from your source unit / radio into music so the quality of the speaker will make the difference and when coupled with our professional installation you will have years of enjoyment.



The power behind the music! Again, we have a huge selection of amplifiers to fit your needs and budget. Use an amplifier to achieve better fidelity out of your audio system. Not only will it increase the output of the speakers volume, a properly installed and tuned amplifier will make your speakers more crisp and responsive. When choosing an amplifier our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you but a few things to consider beforehand is the application such as; utilizing the amplifier for a subwoofer system, interior speakers or both. From mono subwoofer amplifiers to the multi-channel amplifiers from Alpine, Arc, Focal, HiFonics, Kicker, Kenwood and PowerBass you can be assured that the right amplifier for your system is available.



Not just for driving around the neighborhood shaking the walls and setting car alarms off, but an audio system coupled with a properly tuned subwoofer will make your listening experience that much more enjoyable. The subwoofer reproduces the bass at the lower end of the audio spectrum that a door speaker can't. So if you love music and want to hear the bass guitar, drums, organ or keyboards as the artist intended while driving around, a subwoofer is your answer! Subwoofers range in sizes from 8" to 18" with the common size being the 10" or 12". Be aware that a subwoofer will need an enclosure for optimal bass reproduction and an amplifier to make it work so it can get expensive really quick.

Please Be Aware

We are a PROFESSIONAL Car Audio retailer that is here to offer YOU professional sales and service with quality products and technicians. We do NOT sell the lower end car audio gear which is found at flea-markets or online.

Some of these brands are; Power Acoustik, Dual (means you will buy, return or install it twice), JDL, SoundStream, Sound Storm, Boss, Planet Audio, Pyle, Legacy, Lanzar, Fusion, Pyramid, American Bass and Audiopipe. This includes the online Chinese navigation systems that are priced "too good to be true". Trust us, they are cheaply priced for a reason, mostly because they do not work out of the box and they do not think anyone will return them.

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