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Brand: Viper
Product Code: 474V-7146V-2
Availability: In Stock
UPC: 093207101397
Pair of Viper 7146V 1-Way Remotes

Price: $64.99

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Programming Switch:

Not sure if you have a programming and valet switch installed on your system? Add one to your order so you can program your new remote control.

Brand NEW Pair of Viper 7146V 4-Button Remote Control Transmitters For The DISCONTINUED Viper 474V

Looking for a replacement Viper remote control for your system or just need an additional remote control? Buy brand new from Access 1 Alarm and Audio! This remote control is from the original manufacturer ensuring that you are receiving a genuine new product made for your Viper system. Works with many Viper, Python and Clifford systems

Works with the following current and legacy Viper systems:

  • 3102V
  • 3105V
  • 3305V
  • 4105V
  • 4115V
  • 5105V
  • 5305V

Works for the following discontinued systems with the following *date codes:

  • 100 HF / 410V / 8G - up
  • 150 ESP / 552V / 9C - 0H and 0I - up
  • 160 XV / 562V / All dates
  • 210 HV / 416V / All dates
  • 211 HV / 412V / All dates
  • 300 HF / 430V / 8B - 9A
  • PC 300 HF / 429V / All dates
  • 300+ HF / 432V / 8B - 9B
  • 330V / 427V / All dates
  • 350 HV / 426V / All dates
  • 500 HF / 438V / 8B - up
  • PC 500 HF / 439V / 7J - up
  • 550 HF / 553V / 8D - 9A and 9B - up
  • 560 XV / 563V / All dates
  • 571 XV / 572V / 4G - 5G and 6K - up
  • 600 HF / 448V / 8B - 8L
  • PC 600 HF / 449V / 9A - up
  • 650 XV / 436V / All dates
  • 671 XV / 437V / All dates
  • 700 ESP / 379V / All dates
  • 771 XV / 567V / 4E - 4L and 5A - 7J
  • PC 800 SHF / 381V / 8B - 8F and 8G - up
  • 850 XV / 446V / All dates
  • 1000 / 3101V / All dates
  • 3000 / 3201V / All dates
  • 3002 / 3202V / All dates
  • 4103 XV / 4103V / All dates
  • 5000 / 3301V / All dates
  • 5002 / 3302V / All dates
  • 7900 / 5501V / All dates
  • VSS5000 / VSS5000 / All dates

*date codes can be found on the main control unit which is usually located under your dash on a small circular sticker that has "OK" on it

Please make sure you have a working control unit installed in the vehicle prior to ordering this remote control. Programming instructions are included in the package and will require accessing your valet/programming switch. Video instructions will be available on our YouTube page under remote controls.

YouTube Channel Link

Please contact us if you have any questions.

PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS: Use the following learn routine to add transmitters to your system or to change button assignments if desired. The learn routine may be locked if previously programmed using the Bitwriter. If the horn generates one long honk when attempting to program the unit, the learn routine is locked and must be unlocked using the Bitwriter™ before proceeding. Find a local Viper dealer. The Valet/Program switch, plugged into the blue port, is used for programming. There is a basic sequence of steps to remember whenever programming this unit: Key, Choose, Transmit and Release. 1. Key. Turn the ignition to the ON position. 2. Choose. Within 10 seconds, press and release the Program switch the number of times corresponding to the desired channel listed below. Once you have selected the channel, press the switch once more and HOLD it. The LED will flash and the horn will honk (if connected) to confirm the selected channel. Do not release the Program switch. 1 Auto Learn* 2 Arm Panic On/Panic Off 3 Disarm Panic Off 4 Silent Mode Channel 2 RED/WHITE 5 Remote Start 6 Channel 4 VIOLET/BLACK 7 Short Run/Turbo 8 Timer Mode 9 Arm/Disarm/Panic 10 Panic Only 11 Defogger Control 12 Delete All Transmitters** *NOTE: For Auto Learn Configurations, see Transmitter Configurations section of this guide. **NOTE: If any button from a known transmitter is programmed to Channel 12, all transmitters will be erased from memory and will revert to the default feature settings. This is useful in cases where the customer's transmitters are lost or stolen. 3. Transmit. While HOLDING the Valet/Program switch, press the button on the transmitter that you would like to control the selected receiver channel. The unit will chirp to confirm that the code has been successfully programmed. It is not possible to teach a transmitter button to the system more than once. 4. Release. Once the code is learned, the Valet/Program switch can be released. Learn Routine will be exited if: ■ Ignition is turned off. ■ Program switch is pressed too many times. ■ More than 15 seconds elapses between programming steps. One long horn honk indicates that Learn Routine has been exited. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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